• No 12, Lucky Dragon Residential Area, Street 357,
    Phuoc Long B Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Contact: +84-(028)-3620-1898

  • Operating hours T2 - T7: 8:00 - 18:00


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When constructing projects such as bridges, ports, and embankments, the construction methods are a crucial preparation stage that determines the success or failure of the project. With many years of experience in major construction works, BEN Construction Company regularly collaborates with relevant parties to come up with optimal construction solutions to ensure that the construction meets technical requirements, is safe during construction, shortens the schedule, and reduces construction costs for the owner.

BEN Construction Company has constructed significant projects, including:

  • Cầu Mỹ Luông -Tấn Mỹ-Tỉnh An Giang
  • Bờ Kè Star Word Long Xuyên-An Giang
  • Bờ kè khu dân cư Lake view City-Quận 2-TP HCM
  • Cầu Kênh Hồ -Dự án tuyến đường Năm Căn Cà Mau
  • Cảng lọc dầu Nghi Sơn -Thanh Hóa
  • Cảng và kè bờ Vịnh Đầm giai đoạn 1 và giai đoạn 2
  • Cầu kênh thuộc khu dân cư Vạn Phúc-TP HCM
  • Tuyến kênh bến sông trăng-KDC Vạn Phúc-TP HCM
  • Cầu An Hảo -Đồng Nai

Let's take a look at the images of the projects that BEN Construction Company has constructed recently.